Our Services

We offer personalized leadership coaching for mission-driven executives and group coaching for senior leadership teams along with workshop facilitation and organizational development support.

True to our name, we help illuminate your path to deeper impact by making visible hidden conflicts, challenges, and opportunities.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

Leadership Development

  • Purpose and values based leadership
  • Leading with inclusion and an equity lens
  • Getting unstuck and stepping into your power and strengths
  • Creating practices that enable your intentions and goals to be true
  • Building emotional awareness
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Becoming anti-racist white leaders
  • Building more inclusive organizations
  • Understanding identity, bias and systemic racism and oppression
Organizational Development, Management, and Culture 
  • Illuminating your management philosophy
  • Establishing processes for feedback, delegation, goal setting, time-management and prioritization
  • Resetting team and organizational culture
  • Creating strong, trusting inclusive team cultures with engaged staff
  • Addressing conflicts productively

Are We Right For You?

Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to proceed – especially given external forces beyond your control?

Are you overwhelmed by all going on and worried about how you are leading through the challenges? 

Are you feeling frustrated with how your team (or other colleagues) are showing up and feeling like there must be a better way? 


Are you sensing (or getting feedback) that you may be missing something regarding how you are leading with equity and inclusion? 

Are you wondering why the ideal culture of your team or organization is so hard to achieve? 

Are you wishing there was someone to create space for you and/or your team to process what is going and create a better path forward to achieve your mission?

Are you needing virtual trainings and facilitation to meet the above needs and more?

Illuminate Coaching is here for you.