Imagine a world where social impact leaders and their organizations are liberated and empowered to realize their purpose — where they have the safety and support to confront any limiting beliefs holding them back from accomplishing their ambitious goals.

This is the vision of Illuminate Coaching. 

In this bright future, mission-driven professionals like you have the tools they need to thrive and are seen and valued for everything they bring.

Our Values


Each engagement begins and continues with true connection, anchored in trust and partnership, acknowledging and embracing the power of human connection.


Curiosity is the foundation of learning and growth.  By staying curious, we shine our light in new spaces and discover new insights.


Illumination requires courage to bravely and vulnerably explore what may be hard or uncomfortable to see, not letting fear limit our view of what’s possible. 


Learning and growing requires compassion for ourselves and for others, showing up with deep listening, non-judgement, and care.


Celebrating progress, big and small, is essential. We find the joy in everything we do to keep us going when things are hard.

Our Approach

We start wherever you are now to help you chart the path forward.

It all starts with you. We get to know you deeply by understanding who you are now, how you’ve made it to this space, and where you’re headed. We tailor our coaching experiences and services to match your individualized needs and to help you succeed.

We affirm your strengths and help you harness them for growth. 

We see our clients as whole people and take a strengths-based view to coaching, showing “unconditional positive regard.” We illuminate your assets and talents, and leverage them as powerful tools for deepening self-awareness and more effective and inspiring leadership.

We honor our commitment to equity and inclusion in everything we do. 

We operate with a lens of equity and inclusion and an awareness of the systems of power and privilege that have been designed to oppress people with marginalized identities. Rather than look away from the things that are hard to see, we engage with courage and curiosity. We are committed to dismantling systems of oppression and to work toward liberation one leader at a time.